Every Mile

Every mile I walk,

There is a rock,

A force that makes me stumble,

But I’ll pick myself up,

And slowly but surely,

I’ll move forward once again,

The nashing teeth of torment,

Though hiding deep inside,

Will not stop me or hinder my stride,

Because hope still lies within me,

And it is with hope that I will find,

The happiness and joy that hides amongst each mile.


Hayley Geri 2017 ©

Author: dreamingofluminousthings

Hey I'm Hayley. 26. Australian. Female. Poet/Writer. Writing is my greatest outlet. It is my passion and my escape from an often twisted reality. If you want to help me create more, please feel free to donate. My paypal is https://www.paypal.me/HayleyGeri

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