My Destruction




He yells,

Beating me with his open hand,




He cries,

Pulling at my hair




I try to pull myself free again,

I break,

I fall,

I collapse,

I am never whole,

Though mindlessly he tries to put my pieces back together,

It is too late,

For the hand has already struck,

And the skin already has faced decay,

A creation of his own making,

My destruction is complete,

But he cannot see it,

His fault,

He is not ashamed,

For in his mind I am the beast,

The shrew that must be tamed.


Hayley Geri 2017 ©


Author: dreamingofluminousthings

Hey I'm Hayley. 25. Australian. Female. Poet/Writer. Writing is my greatest outlet. It is my passion and my escape from an often twisted reality.

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