The Victor and the Victim

It beats me,

It overwhelms me,

Taking me to the floor,

It beats at my chest,

Smashing hard and fast,

The fists from within hold tight,

They explode,


Leaving the cavity they once inhabited,

And slice,

Hard and fast at my wrists,

The blood rushes out,

Free from its gilded cage,

It flows,

And I the tormented,

Am finally freed,

Both completely and not at all

I am the victor and the victim,

The haunter and the haunted,

Finally free from myself and my own created misery.


Hayley Geri 2017 ©

Author: dreamingofluminousthings

Hey I'm Hayley. 26. Australian. Female. Poet/Writer. Writing is my greatest outlet. It is my passion and my escape from an often twisted reality. If you want to help me create more, please feel free to donate. My paypal is

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