I thought I could do this,

I was so sure I was strong,

Believing that I was able,

To fight and be brave,

Even though it seems you no longer have need of me,

But the funniest thing occurred to me,

As I spent yet another hour in tears,

That my biggest fear had been realized,

And nobody even cares.

You’ve walked away,

You’ve found the sun,

And you’ve left me here,

As though your done,

But please come back,

Please cut me some slack,

Because I’m sick of this needing and waiting for your wanting,

And I can no longer keep crying,

Because I don’t think I’ll make it,

Not this time,

Not even a little.


Hayley Geri 2013 ©

Author: dreamingofluminousthings

Hey I'm Hayley. 26. Australian. Female. Poet/Writer. Writing is my greatest outlet. It is my passion and my escape from an often twisted reality. If you want to help me create more, please feel free to donate. My paypal is https://www.paypal.me/HayleyGeri

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