Love Your Body. You Only Have One.

It makes me sad when people bag other people out for being curvy or ‘heavier’ than society tells us is acceptable. In 2015 I went on medication that made me put on about 15kgs. Otherwise known as the pill, this little white pill completely messed with how I saw myself and my self confidence. Fast forward 2 years and I’ve only managed to lose about 3kgs. I’ve done it all exercise, healthy eating, at points I stopped eating(I know this was wrong, but at the time I was desperate), anything to make me skinny again. But so far no luck. I’m now getting to the point where I have to love what I’ve got. I’m gonna keep trying to lose the weight sure, but it’s not my focus. Learning to love my body is. I may not look like I did in high school, but that’s ok. My beauty comes from within, not from the number on the scale. I hope people realise this. The fat around your waist doesn’t make you ugly. You are beautiful whether you’re a size 0 or a 24. 


Author: dreamingofluminousthings

Hey I'm Hayley. 25. Australian. Female. Poet/Writer. Writing is my greatest outlet. It is my passion and my escape from an often twisted reality.

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