The Cat

I am not a failure,

Oh no there is so much more to me,

So much more to my worth,

I am more the a cap and gown,

Because I am a thousand of those moments,

The only thing missing is the nice rolled, crisp piece of paper,

I am a story,

A series, if you will,

Of failures and successes,

Of dark nights and tear stained sheets,

Of a Phoenix who rises, not just one time,

But over and over again,

Because I survive,

I am the cat with 9 lives who lives beside the black dog Eyore,

That’s right not a donkey – a dog – with its very own rain cloud to boot,

So don’t ask me the ‘why?’s and ‘how come?’s,

Instead let me breathe,

Not because it’s not what I do best,

But rather because I choose to,

Time and time again,

I am the cat,

The one with 9 hundred lives.


My Needle

I am alone,

I am alone and I am crying,

I am crying and no one cares,

No one cares because I have no one to tell,

Those I do tell reject me,

And rejection feels like the sting of a needle,

Hollow and sharp, piercing the skin,

But instead of stopping, my needle keeps going,

Further and further until the only way to free it is to dig it out,

So when I say I’m alone,

I mean I tried to tell you but you gave me a needle and pushed it in.



Harsh and sharp,

It tear deep with its with is claws,

Ripping straight through my chest,

Til it’s deep with my soul,

Prodding and poking,

It laughs at the mess it has made of me.

I hate to ask :(

Hey guys I hate to ask this, but alas desperate times 😦 My partner and I are really struggling at the moment. He’s been unable to work due to illness and I’m still deemed unable to work. If you could spare even $5, my paypal is

Peace and love all ❤️

The Mother

IMG_0194 (2).jpgSky so blue,
The glow overwhelms my soul,
It moves through me,
Like silk,
It is a cat’s brush of love,
A warm embrace,
It fills me until I cannot breathe,
The beauty of Mother Earth has at this moment,
Captured me.