The wanting has stopped,
The games have started,
The players are in,
This is not for the light hearted,
The pain has sprung,
But with hope longing has not yet ceased,
For if it does,
I fear I may well too.

But then you strike,
And removing it for light,
Bringing clarity and love,
In a game I thought doomed,
You made us a victory.


Hayley Geri 2013 ©



Tears so big,
I can hardly see,
Everything hurts,
Because within you is me,
And I’m so scared your going to leave,
Because I’m needy and weak.
I say the wrong thing,
I want what I shouldn’t,
With an intensity that’s almost potent,
Loving you is killing me,
Because I’m scared that what you will see,
Is this fragmented path that runs too deep.

Hayley Geri 2013 ©

A Dynasty and A Death

Falling apart I break,

Bursting at the seams,

Eternally haunting my own grave,

Longing and dying,

Too tired of trying,

I, in the pits of my despair,

Am forever a child,

Treated as both young and old,

All rolled into the one,

I am a dynasty and a death,

A dying and a dead,

Both under the same sun,

Oh dear God what have I become?


Hayley Geri 2013 ©

Unveiling Soul

Layer by layer I break,

And watching each piece flake,

I yield myself to an unsuspecting world,

Showing the truth that lies within my soul,

Allowing the pain to go becomes my only goal,

Tear after tear,

They fall and I once again, am whole,

For the shattering light has made me clean,

And thus has washed away all that was once unseen.


Hayley Geri 2012 ©


Afraid to love,

Afraid to be,

Afraid of you,

Afraid of me,

So many rhymes that make up it all,

So many lines, with so much to tell,

Scared to be broken,

Scared to be hurt,

Probably cause you’re not the first,

They say a heart only has one true love,

But if that’s true then they never met us.



Hayley Geri 2012 ©