A cover

Hey all this isant a poem. Just letting you know I just did a cover of ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls. The link is https://youtu.be/fohcw3crz0A

Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think x.


In These Small Hours

Cause in these small hours the sun will come through,
Tumbling over the mountains and dew,
And in these small hours,
The light becomes new,
Stumbling over the moments of truth,
And in this small light,
My heart really grew,
Knowing its path all led back to you,
Cause even in the dark,
The sun will shine through,
Rumbling over the darkest of days.

Save Me

Save me, 

Release me,

Protect me,

Surround me,

Free me from this cage,

Heal what has been maimed,

And deliever me from the torment of my mind,

To you I give my troubles,

My grievances and my sorrows,

Lead me toward my tomorrows,

This I pray to you,

Dear God,

Save me.

My Well

It’s here again,

Like a cold morning fog,

It settles on my soul,

Sucking at my well,

It drains from me,

The life,

The joy,

And finally my hope,

Leaving nothing in its wake,

I lay,


Exhausted and run down,

For my well is now dried,

And I a mare shell,

Lay in quiet hope,

That the rain will pour,

And once again I will be whole.

My Song

Starting the day,

Praying away,

The pain of yesterday,

Hoping to God,

That he hears my song,

That I won’t have to hold on for too long,

Needing an answer,

Do I need to speak louder?

Or will he hear me over the rain?

Patiently waiting,

Desperately praying,

For the sunshine once again.