Dark as Night

Depression has a face.
Like a virus, it invades its host.
It sucks the lifeblood hard and fast,
It destroys,
Destructive and devastating it breaks down,
All joy and content taken,
Snatched away from its owner,
Left alone to suffer in the dark,
I weep,
Loud and chocked,
My body shakes as the tears emerge,
It is muted and it causes fright,
In a darkness,
Black as night.

My Song

Starting the day,

Praying away,

The pain of yesterday,

Hoping to God,

That he hears my song,

That I won’t have to hold on for too long,

Needing an answer,

Do I need to speak louder?

Or will he hear me over the rain?

Patiently waiting,

Desperately praying,

For the sunshine once again.

My Little Queer Heart

Into the puddle I fell,

And soon found it to be the ocean,

It was unexpected,

Against every fibre of my rainbowed being,

And yet it was right,

In a instant you changed,

My whole perception of love erased,

You showed me the truth,

That love knows no group,

No label or categorising statement,

Like the ocean it too moves,

Fluid and perfect,

It captured my heart,

Brought it back to start,

And with you it’s beats perfectly,

The little queer heart,

The one with lots of art.

A little insight

I’d like to give a little insight into my next poem as it might not be clear. It’s about the wonderful relationship I have with my fiancé. When we started dating I’d finally come to accept that I could be gay. But then I fell for him. Emotionally and physically. And suddenly that all seemed confusing. Now I go by queer, but it just goes to show that love doesn’t pick a gender, it picks a person. 😊😘

The Victor and the Victim

It beats me,

It overwhelms me,

Taking me to the floor,

It beats at my chest,

Smashing hard and fast,

The fists from within hold tight,

They explode,


Leaving the cavity they once inhabited,

And slice,

Hard and fast at my wrists,

The blood rushes out,

Free from its gilded cage,

It flows,

And I the tormented,

Am finally freed,

Both completely and not at all

I am the victor and the victim,

The haunter and the haunted,

Finally free from myself and my own created misery.


Hayley Geri 2017 ©